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Robert Rebele EMT Scholarship

Robert Rebele (AKA Bob or Grandpa) was a shining example of the EMS family. Bob was a mentor to many, while also serving as a volunteer, instructor, trainer, and paid professional for over 25 years. He touched many lives whether it was in the classroom or in the field. Bob always took time to reach out to his coworkers and colleagues to offer a hand, which often included helping with their pets. Bob made everyone feel at ease. He was well known for his ever present smile and his "long story short" stories. This scholarship is dedicated to honor Bob's memory as a professional, a volunteer, and a friend.
  • Applications for 2023 are open.

Criteria & Application Process for the Robert Rebele Memorial Scholarship:

Scholarships Being Awarded
Scholarships in the following area categories will be awarded provided there are qualified applicants. The dollar amount of the scholarship may vary from year to year and is dependent upon the support we receive for our Foundation.
·       High School Diploma or Equivalent
·       Current NJ State certified EMT
·       Current Professional Rescuer CPR Certification
·       Acceptance letter to an Accredited  Paramedic or RN program
Application Process
·       Complete the Scholarship Application, including Personal Statement of Commitment. You MUST be a resident of New Jersey.
·       Submit 2 letters of recommendation, which address the selection criteria below.   All letters of recommendation must have applicant's name, as well as the address, telephone number, and email address of the person writing the recommendation. 
·       Submit a copy of your current EMT and CPR certification as well as a copy of your HS diploma
·       Submit your transcript of grades that includes your most recent prerequisites for the program you are attending
Selection Criteria
·       Professional Leadership
·       Academic Achievement
·       Leadership Potential
·       Community Service
·       Personal Commitment 
Scholarship recipients are selected based on their academic achievement, leadership potential as evidenced by special honors and/or special recognition, community service, and personal commitment to a healthcare profession. 

Download Application Above


Apply Today

This is Jeanna, she is the 2021 and 2022 winner of the Robert Rebele Memorial Scholarship!  Jeanna is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Paramedic.

Once you have downloaded the word document please mail your application to:

Dixie's Legacy Foundation 

5 South Olympia Drive

Waretown, NJ 08758

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